About CRC

The Communication Research Center (CRC) at Yuan Ze University was established in 2003 by Professor Peng Song-Che, with the aim of “laying a solid academic foundation for the industry and inspiring academic research innovation through industry incentives.” CRC is dedicated to the research and development of communication-related technologies and has been recognized as a “Top Research Center” under the Ministry of Education’s Top University Project. With abundant resources from industry, government, and academia, CRC fosters a vibrant research atmosphere and ranks among the top institutions in Taiwan for National Science Council projects and SCI publications.

CRC’s goal is to pursue forward-looking development that bridges academia and industry. After relocating to the “You Xiang Communication Building,” donated by Far EasTone Telecommunications, CRC invested heavily in establishing state-of-the-art “Wireless Communication Experimental Equipment and Large-Scale Microwave Anechoic Chamber.” This infrastructure supports numerous outstanding professors engaged in industry-academia research projects and facilitates resource integration among Far East Group’s telecommunications entities, fostering mutual support and overall effectiveness. CRC has become a cradle for nurturing telecommunication talents and technology.

Over the years, CRC has closely interacted with more than 40 companies nationwide, and the total funding for projects from industry, government, and academia has exceeded NT$200 million. Notable examples include the “Development of Intelligent Multiband Wireless Communication Technologies” led by former President Zhang Jin-Fu and former Director Ma Jie under the Ministry of Science and Technology’s large-scale industrial technology cultivation project from 2013 to 2016, as well as the “Wireless Communication System Advanced Measurement Technology Alliance (WiCMA)” led by current Director Huang Zheng-Guang, a six-year project funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Consequently, CRC has accumulated significant research achievements and produced many sought-after postgraduate talents in the industry.

Looking ahead, CRC envisions transforming into a Research Service Company (RSC)-oriented industry-academia research center and collaborating with businesses in a B2B manner to advance core technologies into commercial applications. For instance, the “CSP Laboratory” at CRC has spawned CSPTek, which has developed commercial software and low-cost software-defined radio measurement platforms for multi-standard vector signal measurements. It is believed that CRC will continue to create more highlights in industry-academia collaboration and cultivate even more exceptional wireless communication R&D talents for the industry.